Pets Count too! Program

 A unique community program offering pet care assistance to elderly pet owners such as: boarding, veterinary and pet supplies.

Banfield Foundation grant helps keep beloved pets with their elderly owners

“Cuddles” is the most important thing to Karen. She has had her beloved dog for 14 years. Her and her husband originally found Cuddles wandering the streets of Los Angeles, Calif. Karen, 78, a client of Verde Valley Caregivers, has had Multiple Sclerosis since age 22. Doctors recently discovered a large tumor behind her eyes that needed to be removed. Karen was refusing to have the surgery because Cuddles, 15 years old now, is in poor health.

Thanks to a grant award from Banfield Foundation, VVCC was able to pay a kennel to care for Cuddles so Karen could have her surgery.

In 2014, Banfield Charitable Trust (now Banfield Foundation) enabled VVCC to launch its Pets Count Too! Program. The program helps keep pets in place for homebound elderly living independently and alone. Because many of VVCC’s neighbors (clients) experience emergency situations due to age limitations and chronic health conditions, the impact on their pets can be devastating. 

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Keep pets with their owners! Pets are very important to the older adults we serve!

Keep pets with their owners! Pets are very important to the older adults we serve! 


Grant funds enable VVCC to temporarily board pets when their owners are hospitalized. And while our neighbors are aging in place, they are doing so with their aging pets.

“Over the years my dog’s health has deteriorated and so has mine,” said a VVCC neighbor. “I’ve worried about how to care for him because my own situation has changed both financially and medically. Caregivers has stepped in and helped with his medical bills and dental surgeries which have given us more time together.” 

The Pets Count Too! Program also provides pet food, supplies, medication and veterinary care for pets of VVCC’s low-income clients, temporary dog walking or pet sitting due to an illness or emergency appointments, emergency grooming, and transportation to veterinary clinics, boarding kennel, and food/medication pickups.

Individuals can also help support VVCC’s Pets Count Too! Program. For more information and to donate click here.


Partners are needed to help provide:


  • Emergency pet boarding due to hospitalization
  • Pet food and supplies for low income owners
  • Veterinary services for low income owners
  • Emergency dog walking/ grooming

Partners will be promoted in program publicity and on our VVCC website

 Hear from the VVCC Staff

"Pets play a huge role in the lives of the neighbors we serve," said VVCC's Executive Director Kent Ellsworth. "About 1600 of our neighbors live alone and approximately 40% of them have pets that are important to their quality of life." 

No  one should ever have to face the heartbreak of surrendering a pet. They  become a part of the family and in many cases, these animals are all  our neighbors have. The more assistive services we can provide, the  greater quality of life our neighbors can enjoy. 

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For more information on becoming a Pets Count Too! partner please call (928) 204-1238