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Help With Pet Care Counts In Neighbors' Well Being

 Carole has been a neighbor since 2017 and we have provided many a ride to her along with her therapy dog, Luna, a small, very stubborn, cocker spaniel.  Our drivers have mentioned that when Luna accompanied Carole on any given trip, Luna would balk at moving.  Frankly, she would just sit and not move when Carole asked Luna to “come”.  Our drivers, needless to say, were entertained.  Sadly, Luna passed away early this year.  To help Carole with the grieving process, we have been proving rides from Sedona to Cottonwood so she can visit Luna’s gravesite at Mingus Cremation for Pets.  She is appreciative of the support of our volunteers and VVCC! 

Karen and Scott of Cornville owned a scruffy, chubby pet by the name of Moose, a bassett hound, who provided lots of cuddles and love to this couple.  We transported Karen, Scott and Moose to the vet a few times for surgery, post-op check ups and, of course, to purchase dog food.  Unfortunately, a not long after Moose’s surgery, he passed away.  Since neither Karen or Scott are able to drive a vehicle, they were extremely thankful to our volunteers, the VVCC staff, their vet and everyone who helped during this time.  They are waiting for the right time to get another canine to help fill the void in their lives.


Here is an update on Karen and Cuddles. Karen, has moved to another city.  We helped Karen with Cuddles by paying vet bills and boarding costs while she was in the hospital.  After Cuddles passed away, she acquired a wily, wire haired mixed breed by the name of Snuggles.  We also helped Karen with costs for vet bills for this sweet little canine.  Because of Karen’s love for her canine, it determined where she had to relocate and that was to Phoenix.  She moved there only because the assisted living facility would accept pets!  Karen sent us a thank you letting us know how very much she has appreciated all of the help that she received from VVCC.

Neighbor Scott walking Moose.

Neighbor Scott walking Moose.